miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

I Love this SONG

Talk About the Movies and Actors

The Best: A Beautiful Mind I enjoyed it, because i like MATH (calculus) and i loved the way that Russel Crawe expresses himself as Jhon Nash and how he beat his SCHIZOPHRENIA.

The Worts: Patch Adams. I don't like any of his movies (Robin Williams) and specially this one because he is a clown wanna-be and he is not funny at all.

Best Actor and Actress: Johnny Depp; i like him because of him mysterious personality and his greats performances in movies of Tim Burton's direction, which are also great.

Angelina Jolie; she is and excelent actress and mother and she was also named a menber of the UN and perhaps one of the SEXIEST woman alive.

Prof. Ricardo Mavares (English VI "Speaking")
Section: E-611

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2008

Caught in The Rush

Rony: hey! albert where were you born? i'm sorry, i don't remenber.
Albert: hi. I was a born Argentina like Alberto.
Rony: really Alberto and you born in Argentina?.
Alberto: yes, i was born and lived ten years in Buenos Aires.
Rony: nice; and what game did you used to play there?.
Alberto: soccer, i used to play soccer. In those cities they really love soccer.
Rony: what about you Albert?.
Albert: well, i used to play video games you know i love video games specially the action games like counter strike.
Alberto: and you Rony. What were you born?.
Rony: i was born in Vzla. Zulia state in Mcbo.
Albert: what's Maracaibo like?.
Rony: okey, Mcbo. is a crowed city there isn't enough public transportation and pollution is caused by terrible but the people who live there is very, very friendly. I live now in Mcbo.
Alberto: does this city have a university? can you tell me how many universities maracaibo have?.
Rony: yes,i can. Mcbo. has five universities, i think. I study in one of them.
Rony: Maracaibo is a beautiful city belive it or not.

Prof. Gustavo Portillo (English V)
Section: O-513

A Time to Remember

When i was a kid, i lived in san tome anzoategui state. There i used to play tennis and soccer with my friends while my mother stayed at home.I had a dog his name was ROCKY, he safe our house of theives he was a special dog. My friends and i talked about girls while rocky and the other dogs played together.

Prof. Gustavo Portillo (english V)
Section: O-513

viernes, 10 de octubre de 2008

I'm Going to see a Musical.

Albert: hi, brother what are you doing next sunday?
Rony: well: i don't know for what?
Albert: okey. Do you like cinema? would you like to go there next sunday?
Rony: no; i can't. I`m going to study for my last test of english IV. It's on monday
Albert: mmmmm, how about next friday?. I go to Doral mall, there is not more expensive and the food is great. There have a cinema, too.
Rony: next friday? that sounds interesting.

Prof. Javier García (English IV)
Section O-413

May I Take Your Order, Please?

In Burguer King

I have dinner at Burguer Kink yesterday, it a fast food restaurant. I ordered a hamburger and large soda and for dessert; i had cheese cake.

Issac Pizza

I have dinner at Issac pizza last weekend. It a italian food restaurant,there you do eat a spageetis wiht meat or pizza.
I ordered one pizza wiht bacon and ham and ice tea for beverage. Issac the waiter, recomend the salad but i don't like it, i prefer the pizza. the food there in really good and clean. I recomend this place.

Prof. Javier García (English IV)
Section O-413

What Does He Look Like?

Beyoncé Knowles She's a singer. She's tall and slim, she has brown eyes and she`s in her late twenties. She has straight long black and brown hair. She is very pretty.

Matthew Steven LeBlanc (Matt Leblanc) He's an actor.He's in his early thirties, he has short black hair and he has black eyes. He is medium height and muscular body so he is handsome for the girls.

Prof. Javier García (English IV)
Section O-413